College can be an incredible experience. This is a moment of life when you can ask deep questions, engage difficult issues, and explore the world around you.  College also provides an opportunity to dig into your faith journey and to discover what lies at the core of what you believe.

I was shaped deeply through my time as a college student at Eastern Ben WidemanMennonite University, a grad student at Fuller Theological Seminary, and through my daily living in the various jobs that I’ve found myself in. I’m excited that my journey brought me to Penn State in the fall of 2014.

Through 3rd Way Collective, we have created spaces for students to engage real-life issues, wrestle with the teachings of Jesus, develop meaningful friendships, and explore what it might mean to take seriously a call toward peace and justice.

I’d love to talk more!  Please contact me to start a conversation, get a cup of coffee, or to propose a new idea. Your voice is important as we shape the future of 3rd Way Collective!

Let’s connect.

– Campus Pastor Ben Wideman

PS – learn more about Ben’s story by checking out his episode of the Peace Signs Podcast!