We’re excited to introduce you to our Penn State student officers for the 2016-17 school year!


14359779_1119566084746231_949714470_oAmanda Goldberg, President – Amanda is an active leader on campus for justice across a variety of spaces including gender issues and equality work. As an active member of 3WC and one of our first residents of the brand new 3WC Housing Community, Amanda is excited to see how 3WC continues to evolve in the next few years. You can reach Amanda at avg5353@psu.edu



14329330_1119565444746295_1553360791_oOwen Woodruff, Treasurer – Owen has a background of organizing, advocating and educating for different social justice movements, most notably in the LGBTQA community. As an active leader on campus, Owen brings relationships and connectivity in many spaces in the Penn State and State College community. You can check out their episode of the Peace Signs Podcast or reach Owen at jlw5949@psu.edu



14331675_1119565581412948_2117764185_nBrandon Sullivan, Social Media Organizer – Brandon recently found the 3WC community through collaborative work on campus to promote peace and awareness in the student base. Brandon’s goal is to change the world through initiatives that promote peace rather than division, and strives to do this in everything at Penn State. You can check out their episode of the Peace Signs Podcast or reach Brandon at bcs5322@psu.edu



Marali Kalra, Officer – Marali has been involved in faith-based work on environmental issues, and she is interested in the way dialogue can play a role in peace and justice work by bringing together people with different perspectives. She is looking forward to learning more about peace and justice initiatives in the Penn State community. You can reach Marali at ilaram.abc@gmail.com


Would you like to be an officer with 3rd Way Collective in the future? Students receive a $100 stipend for each semester they serve.

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