January and February 2017 Review

Each month we hope to give an update on the 3rd Way Collective experience at Penn State! Follow this blog to learn more about how we’ve been creating spaces for peace, justice, and faith at Penn State.


January and February were busy months – so busy, in fact, that we forgot to put up a reflection post for January until another month had passed by!

After a much needed break, the campus came to life again in January with a full list of justice-based events and activities. 3rd Way Collective contributed to MLK Commemoration week by inviting and planning RAWtools visit to Penn State, who brought Dr. Drew Hart with them to enhance their faith-based message of peace and reconciliation. It was powerful to watch these two Anabaptist voices engage our campus and community, and to see students who were imagining a different kind of Christianity through their presence with us.

We have collaborated on many different community events, as well as continuing to advocate for peace and justice in our community and at the political level. This new presidential administration means that there always seems to be another justice cause or concern being felt by a marginalized group that we can offer our support for.

During February we helped our friends at Receiving with Thanksgiving bring Dr. David Gushee to campus to talk about becoming a Christian ally for the LGBTQ community, and then later that month we collaborated with a few other campus ministries to bring Todd Wynward to our town with his message of watershed discipleship.

A unique partnership crossed our paths when we partnered again with Muslim students at Penn State to hand out pizza during their monthly Free Pizza Fridays event. Amazingly each month they hand out 25 pizzas in a matter of minutes!

Our regular events included our weekly home cooked meals, as well as a Grad Student Pub Night for each month. These continue to be meaningful small group conversations around the table. Recently we’ve been imagining these as communion-like spaces for sacred connection.

Thank you for following our journey!

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