Former Campus Pastor Ben Wideman

Rev. Ben Wideman was the campus minister from 2014-2020

College is a moment of life when you can ask deep questions, engage difficult issues, and explore the world around you.  College also provides an opportunity to dig into your faith journey and to discover what lies at the core of what you believe.

Ben Wideman

My desire is to be a community pastor, standing up for those who need a voice in our community and being an advocate for those who are marginalized. I see myself as a faith leader who is present for those in need of a minister – a “pastor for the pastorless”, if you will.

In addition to facilitating the 3rd Way Collective organization, I am available to the Penn State and State College community as an ordained clergyperson, willing to officiate at weddings and funerals, speak or offer a blessing at community events, offer pastoral counseling or spiritual direction, and collaborate on local grass-roots advocacy work.  I am particularly drawn to racial justice work, LGBTQ+ inclusion, environmental advocacy, and education and economic justice work.

I was shaped deeply through my time as a college student at EasternMennonite University, a grad student at Fuller Theological Seminary, and through my daily living in the various jobs that I’ve found myself in. I’m excited that my journey brought me to Penn State in the fall of 2014.

– Campus Pastor Ben Wideman

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