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Thank you to all who supported this movement during the past six years!

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Maxwell Schmid, a former PSU student involved in 3rd Way Collective, writes,

3rd Way Collective has been an extraordinary resource for me. Being part of the group and going to their events has enabled me to meet new people from diverse walks of life and to be able to think critically with others about justice and peace in relation to faith. It is a warm, open environment for anybody from any faith or non-faith background to foster friendships with each other and create change in our world.”

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Ben Wideman, former campus pastor for 3rd Way Collective, writes,

“3rd Way Collective is essential for Penn State because this campus has some people talking about faith, and some people talking about peace and social justice, but no one is working to connect both in the same space. We have a unique opportunity as an organization to do something that no one else is even considering.This is peace, justice, and faith, lived out in real time.”

Read more about Ben Wideman here.

Jim Rosenberger, Penn State professor and member of University Mennonite Church 3rd Way Collective advisory committee, writes,

“University Mennonite Church has a long history of engaging Penn State students around the Gospel message of peace and justice. Dick Thomas, former moderator of Mennonite Church USA, and Kevin King, current executive director of Mennonite Disaster Service, both count their time at Penn State and involvement in University Mennonite Church as influential in their faith journeys and vocations.”

Read the original vision for the ministry here.

David Miller, Assoc. Professor of Missional Leadership Development, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, and Mary Miller, write

In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, I (David) participated with a group of PSU students in a witness against war. A student questioned me – “You’re a minister aren’t you? Does your congregation know you are here?” This student’s questions are far too common. For too many who are deeply concerned about matters of peace and justice in our world, the Christian church has appeared as a problem rather than a resource.  3rd Way Collective offers a way to write a different script!”

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