Franconia Conference Article, Sept 18, 2014

As college students head to campus this fall, one congregation, University Mennonite Church in State College, Pennsylvania, is beginning a new initiative: an Anabaptist campus pastor, called by the church to minister to students.

University Mennonite Church is located just a few miles from Penn State University. It began over 50 years ago, when faculty and staff of Penn State began gathering in a classroom on campus.

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Mennonite Church USA Article, Sept 3, 2014

Three years ago, members of University Mennonite Church in State College, Pa., began dreaming about how they might deepen their relationship with Penn State University.  A proposal was made to shape and develop a campus ministry that would connect with students on campus, rather than simply hoping that students might find their way to the church building on Sunday morning.  These conversations ended up resulting in the creation of a brand new position – Anabaptist Campus Pastor for Penn State University – and a new on-campus student organization called “3rd Way Collective”.


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