November & December 2017 Reflection

Each month we hope to give an update on the 3rd Way Collective experience at Penn State! Follow this blog to learn more about how we’ve been creating spaces for peace, justice, and faith at Penn State.


Our semester finished is very meaningful ways! November included a visit from the popular podcast, The Bible For Normal People, including a recording of that time with Penn State students and community members that you can hear by visiting this website! We also enjoyed the much-needed Thanksgiving holiday break from the busy semester.

In addition to final exams and the start of the winter break, December included guest speaking events for Campus Pastor Ben at the Bahai Student Group, as well as Centre LGBTQ Support Network’s first annual Youth Summit. It has been an honor to continue to be invited into these new spaces in our community, and says a lot about the way that this movement is being more broadly embraced.

We continued to appreciate space for home cooked meals, our pizza and movie nights with other organizations, and our downtown dinners (one of which resulted in our biggest dinner turnout yet, with students from Project Haiti!).

A few of our 3rd Way Collective students leant their voices to this video (below) saying “THANKS” to those who have supported this ministry. If you’d like to help this movement, you can do so today by visiting this giving page.

3rd Way Collective continues to provide our campus and community a unique presence. We are building a network of connected individuals across our campus and community – many who are actively engaged in different projects and passions. Each week we connect with new people who are curious about what we’ve started.

Thank you for your continued support, and consider giving to the work of 3rd Way Collective!

– Campus Pastor Ben Wideman

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